Those apple walnut brownies are amazing! You have a real gift for blending flavors and a rare talent...  You’re like a composer of recipes.
— Matt Regan
Be careful of this woman!  Her baked goods are truly addictive and before you know it, you will be lying in bed, grinding your teeth and wondering how you will be able to score your next butterscotch brownie!  
— Phil Noyes, JCut Films
Just a note to say that it was so nice to meet you at Gerry Ranch!  Your display was so amazing, and your goodies were absolutely wonderful!
— Reverend Jonathan Mulford
And for the record, I want to report that your elegant brie with edible flowers was a crowning jewel; your artistry evoked the most oooh’s and mmmmm’s of any food we served.
— Ann Kinney, Women in Film
On behalf of the Board of Directors and the entire staff of the Association for Los Angeles Deputy Sheriffs, I would like to thank you for providing the wonderful holiday feast last Friday.  The meal was exquisite, the entertainment was great, and it really made our holiday celebration extra special and festive.  What a treat!
— Pete Brodie
Girl, you need to be stopped.
— Karol Garcia
Ridiculous! I’ve been in the dessert, pastry and ice cream business for near 3 decades; I’ve romanced my palate for sweets all over Europe, and tasted near every kind of dessert imaginable in a long career as a professional taster! Only a few sugar-related incidents have been as memorable as the extraordinary goody’s I accidentally tasted last weekend. We visited the Pismo Vintage Trailer Rally where we camped in our 1950’ Silver Streak trailer and enjoyed other collectors with the same hobby. Aside from the groovy people, the shiny trailers and hanging at the beach, I found “A Nouveau” yummy’s being served at the Funky Junk treat trailer. In this unsolicited review, I must insist, it was worth every single extraordinary calorie, and I have been dreaming of the French Chocolate Pudding ever since. The Butterscotch Brownies were blissful, the Banana Pudding was poured into my mouth from the clever mason jar, and I would beg for crumbs of anything else on the menu. I’m threatening to make a trip to the Valley from Redondo Beach, to offer trade of gallons of Gelato for just one more glorious mouthful of pudding..... pppppprrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
— Jode' Hyman
The sauces were fantastic!
The cake...sublime!
Many Thanks.
— Jackie Morgen
Thank you for the wonderful food that you made for the retreat.  It was really fabulous and everyone raved about it.  The cream tea was a superb success as were many of the other dishes.
— Jeni Winterburn
Katherine is a consummate professional and her brownies and other specialty items are delectable. We look forward to ordering her standards, as well as being surprised by her new creations. She is a fantastic personal chef and caterer and one of the nicest people you will ever meet.
— Barry and Wendy Krowne
I wish to thank you for the outstanding job which you did on our catering order.  Both President and Mrs. Reagan’s personal aides commented several times on how fresh, light, and delicious the food was which you provided.  Thank you again for  your personal effort.
— Marian Fine
The food, service, and decorations were 1st class.
— Bud Treece
I adore almonds! What a perfect way to indulge: Miss Kate’s Liaison Brownie. Rich, full almond flavor in a moist slice. Always intending to save one for later... (they do well in the freezer), but never for long. Miss Kate is always alacritous to my addiction for her sweet confections.
— Meg McComb