From French to English, À Nouveau translates to 'afresh' or 'anew', and that's what our brownies deliver - the familiarity of a traditional well-loved treat, enhanced by fresh new-fashioned flavor combinations.

Where did I get my inspiration for À Nouveau Gourmet Brownies?  Well, there's my never-ending love affair with chocolate, and the pleasure I receive from sharing something delicious.  Along with that, much of my inspiration comes from friends and family, as well as the many private chef and catering clients I've worked with since 1987 who have encouraged me to make my brownies and desserts more widely available.

À Nouveau began with four flavors of hand-mixed and hand-cut brownies, and now includes over 18 flavors, as well as ice cream brownies, cookies, puddings, tarts, and other special order desserts.  We custom create for you! Along with our brownies, that is our specialty.

For all occasions and celebrations, we offer full service dessert and beverage catering, gifts, favors, and unique functional and decorative rental pieces.